About Coffeebean Magazine

Coffeebean magazine was the brain child of Brian Cee of S.C.R fame and Edward Hughes from Taxitalk Magazine.

The idea was to create a magazine for everybody  that has anything to do with coffee the Grower, the roaster, the seller ,the Barista and of course the drinker.

We would like to get the magazine as a hard copy into as many coffee shops as possible in the UK  and as ,many internationaly.

The magazine is an A5 size magazine with no advertisements inside the magazine but an advertising pull-out supliment is planned for 2020.

Coffeebean magazine is now upto issue 40 and will continue to bring you both upto date news and upto date coffee tech.

Thank you for your reading our magazine and please follow us on twitter facebook and don’t forget instagram.

Re-writen  By Brian Cavanagh on 10/02/2019